WrestleFest ’88

Summary: WrestleFest ’88 starts out strong, and the opening three matches are worthwhile. Especially Bret Hart’s match with Bad News Brown, which is an eye-opener if you’ve only seen bits of Bad News from the era. He was a capable guy, given the right opponent, but felt the urge to play a political game during his WWF career. At times that extended into the ring, and his matches were more often than not like battles of the wits. With Bret he got to relax and just tell a story, which is what both men excelled at. Then the entire thing just heads south after the strong start, triggered by the arrival of the Bolsheviks and low-lighted by Rude-Roberts in a snoozer. Thus, WrestleFest  ’88 ends up as another rather disappointing card.
Verdict: 26

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