WrestleFest ’88

The Killer Bees vs. The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers
Both good teams although they tended to be better against workrate freaks. I guess this is a trial to see whether they can work with each other. Given that everyone sits back and waits for someone to take control it’s, left to Jacques to turn it into a showcase for himself. No wonder the WWF took an interest in pushing him in singles and no-one else in this match got a singles push. Sometimes you have to get yourself over. I don’t understand how Jacques went from a charismatic flier with an attitude in tagging to become a boring caricature as the Mountie. I assume he was told to limit his moves under the Mountie gimmick. They do something smart in this match, or perhaps not, by avoiding formula. I find formula quite tiresome after a lifetime of formula tag matches. Eventually, given the lack of reactions, they go back to it and isolate Blair. The great thing about the Rougeaus working heat is they wrestle like babyfaces so they’re fun. It’s weird for 1988 that the crowd hate the Rougeaus for behaving like faces. It was ahead of its time. The Rougeaus eek out a win as Ray sneaks in blind and punches Brunzell in the face while he’s carrying Jacques around the ring. Not a bad opener, although not on the same level as what Bulldogs or the Hart Foundation were doing with 13 minutes.
Final Rating: **¾

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