WrestleFest ’88

Bad News Brown vs. Bret Hart
Bret was fresh off his ‘Mania face turn and this was one of his early truncated singles pushes. Bret seems to enjoy his newfound popularity and he doesn’t have to worry about Brown, like other WWF stars would, as they have a history from Stampede. Which means, for once, Brown relaxes and just wrestles, instead of focusing on wrecking his opponents offence. It’s a tribute to how much he rated Bret as a wrestler that he doesn’t mess up any of his trademark stuff. There’s a difference between ruining offence and countering, and Bad News gets in a great eye rake to block the backbreaker. They get in a nice Irish whip reversal spot, only for Brown to hit a hard clothesline. Bret then ducks the Ghettoblaster and they’re working a smart match, showing familiarity and that they’ve scouted each other’s moves. This might actually be Brown’s best match in his WWF run because he’s willing to cooperate. Bret gets the O’Connor Roll but Brown grabs the tights to counter the pin. Sensational, but short, match with beautiful counters. If only they’d programmed them into a long term feud in 1988. The tag division was struggling though, so the Harts ended up back in there.
Final Rating: ***¼

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