WrestleFest ’88

The Bolsheviks vs. The Powers of Pain
7 minutes is a long time for a squash. I can only assume the WWF was getting cold feet about the Powers of Pain’s ability to work a long match, and wanted to see them dominate a mid-length contest. What they should have done is just crushed the Bolsheviks in 30 seconds. They insert some typical 80s spots like the test of strength, where the Bolsheviks can only get anywhere by cheating and double teaming. Barbarian has more impressive spots at higher speed than Warlord. Zhukov gets hit with the running powerslam and a diving headbutt finishes. An extended squash match, with the Bolsheviks not at the races. I don’t think I saw them beat anyone, ever.
Final Rating: ½*

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