WrestleFest ’88

Rick Rude vs. Jake Roberts
Rude had put the moves on Cheryl Roberts to kick off this feud. They faced each other at WrestleMania in a drawn out 15-minute affair with too many rest holds. The feud still has heat on it, but as soon as Jake’s punches Rude a few times, they’re already out of ideas. Rude decides to use Damien to his advantage and chucks the snake bag on the floor. Jake feels he has to go and pick it up, allowing Rude to jump him. That’s the end of the fun as they go right into the chinlock. It’s a pity Rude learned how to be an effective heel AFTER his Jake Roberts feud, because it could have been superb. Instead Jake relies on Rude putting him in rest holds and hoping the crowd bite on it, which is identical to WrestleMania and therefore lazy. Rude was always better taking bumps and showing off what he could do. Here they try and make the crowd do the work and the crowd end up sitting on their hands. Considering the intensity of the storyline, the ring work doesn’t match it. As if Jake isn’t that bothered about Rude insulting his wife. He just wanted to make a bit of a show of it, for the missus, and once he’d got out there he couldn’t be bothered. And when Jake decided he was going to dog a match, boy did he ever dog the shit out of it. Rude brings a bit of comedy by overselling a massive crotching on the top rope and then having his buttocks exposed. The sight of flesh gets Jake mad, FINALLY, so Rude runs off. Jake follows and they both get counted out. Jesus Christ, that’s a long way to go for that finish. Horrifically boring match bookended by a couple of energetic brawls. The match was a shade over 15-minutes, but it felt like 30+. Believe it or not, the WrestleMania match was actually better than this.
Final Rating: ¾*

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