WrestleMania 2000



Arnold Furious: Coming off two stellar PPVs (both headlined by epic Hunter-Cactus matches) the WWF was revved up and ready for WrestleMania. I was too and I think my level of expectation for this show was completely unmatched and unparalleled by any other show, ever, in the history of wrestling. That might be overselling it a bit but I was ridiculously excited for it at the time, hoping for an amazing event, packed with great wrestling. It didn’t quite pan out that way and of the three shows that start 2000 this is the weakest, which it shouldn’t be as WrestleMania should always be in the running for the best PPV of the year, yet in 2000 it wasn’t even close.


We’re in Anaheim, California at the Arrowhead Pond, home of WrestleMania XII. Hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. The crowd’s muted reaction at the beginning of the show is a bad sign, and WrestleMania has actually suffered quite a few dead crowds over the years. Lillian Garcia sings the American national anthem. I still don’t agree with the American bollocks that permeates the WWF at times. As a global company it should behave like one.

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