WrestleMania VII



Arnold Furious: The WWF didn’t have the best of years in 1990, and 1991 started the same. The attendance at WrestleMania was down because of it. Originally they scheduled this at the LA Coliseum, which holds 90k+, in an attempt to break their attendance record from WrestleMania III. But pre-sales weren’t good and they switched venues to the less impressive but easier to fill LA Memorial Sports Arena. The official reason was that a “bomb threat,” supposedly relating to the Sgt. Slaughter angle, had forced their decision. Not that they’d only sold 16,000 tickets. That wasn’t the reason at all. We’re in Los Angeles, California. Hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Jim Duggan. That changes during the course of the evening. Duggan is surprisingly insightful and barely in character.

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