Backlash 2016

WWE Intercontinental Championship
The Miz (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler
Miz’s sensational Talking Smack promo from a few weeks back is replayed before the match, which makes it even more curious that we’ve simply segued from Miz vs. D-Bry to Miz vs. Ziggler? The big issue with Miz getting himself over is to get stuck with serial midcarder Ziggler. Both guys have been here for too long to carry on working each other. Miz needs to be working guys with sympathy so he can get actual heat on them. Before we get underway Miz tries to pull a Jeff Jarrett and hold Bryan up for cash before wrestling. Bryan looks genuinely upset at Miz saying “go and watch me do what you can’t do anymore”. It’s a dick move from Miz but there’s your heat! Because Bryan is someone the fans actually care about.

Miz heels it up a charm and I wish he had better babyfaces to play this act off. Bryan needs to actively support his opponents to try and get the angle over stronger. This is a typically soft WWE style match and Miz is the King of Soft Style. They take things to extremes here, in an attempt to fill time, and there are too many rest holds that are blatantly there for no other purpose. Miz however switches it up to heel versions of Daniel Bryan’s holds, which is much better. As if he’s proving a point; he can work that style but he chooses not to. Now that is awesome. Plus Miz switching up his offence gives Ziggler an excuse to take a beating for the entire match. It might be the most exciting Miz performance of his career. They do a decent job of selling the importance of some holds, especially Miz’s Figure Four after he extensively works Ziggler’s knee. The crowd are drawn into the match so when Ziggler pulls a superkick out of his ass they mark out and Miz getting a foot on the rope is a genuinely good moment. Maryse sprays Ziggler in the eyes to protect his heat on the finish and Miz retains with Skull Crushing Finale. This match built surprisingly well and Miz is in danger of having one of the better years of his career out of nowhere.
Final Rating: ***3/4


Video Control gives us clips of Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin from the Kick Off show. The latter taking it with End of Days. That’s rudely interrupted by…


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