Cruiserweight Classic Finale


Arnold Furious: The previous nine weeks of the CWC has seen enthralling in-ring action, fantastic character-building interviews and vignettes and raw emotion that’s not been seen on the WWE’s main roster in quite some time. The moment when Brian Kendrick lost had me in tears and he’d basically worked heel all tournament. It’s been a wonderfully different experience from WWE and it’s already forced them into considering changes on RAW based on the success of the CWC. Namely an impending Cruiserweight division consisting of names that have impressed during this tournament. Now it’s time to crown a winner!


We’re in Full Sail. Hosts are Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan. Their raw enthusiasm has been infectious during the ten weeks this show has been airing. I like that the semi-finals represent all the major areas of global wrestling excellence; USA, Mexico, Japan and UK. Although the American competitor is actually representing the Philippines and I have a theory about that, which I will share if TJP wins. Mauro sells this show based on a VHS tape he saw of Tiger Mask vs. Dynamite Kid. Bryan mentions the Super J Cup in the 1990s and how this is a logical continuation of that on a global scale. We also hear about Cedric Alexander’s performance and Kendrick’s emotional loss. If you weren’t hyped before you should be now.

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