Fully Loaded ’99



Arnold Furious: Over the course of Volume 4 there has been a definite trend; the realisation that Attitude shows seemed great “in the moment”, but have little to no replay value. Most of the 1999 shows were littered with poor matches, wacky storylines and talking. This clearly got the better of my fellow reviewers as evidenced here. King of the Ring ’99 was supposed to be my last review for this book chronologically, and yet here we are. 1999; the year everyone doesn’t want to re-watch. This show is much like any other 1999 PPV. The main event is Austin-McMahon, or rather McMahon surrogate the Undertaker. HHH-Rock is on the undercard. What’s left of DX continue to have matches despite Triple H’s departure at WrestleMania three months earlier. The rest of the card is made up of title matches that hardly inspire. The one relatively surprising move came in Toronto the night before this PPV, where Edge beat Jeff Jarrett for the IC belt, his first major title in wrestling. It being a house show, no-one saw it coming. Edge wasn’t scheduled to have a title match until the night of the show. Ah, that wacky Vince Russo; throwing curveballs all the time. Given the proper build-up, Edge’s big title win could have been a defining moment in his career. We’re in Buffalo, New York. Hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. They bill the “end of an era” match where either Austin will get no more title shots or Vince McMahon will never appear on TV again. It’s a First Blood match and they make it interesting by having Austin bleed backstage on Heat. Roving reporter Michael Cole tries to accuse Vince of being behind the attack, which causes Shane McMahon to question who he is. Vince guarantees victory this evening.

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