In Your House 12: It’s Time


James Dixon: There is much to say about the HELL that is this tape. When compiling these books we look to be as accurate and informative as possible, but we nearly didn’t make it with In Your House 12. We just couldn’t fathom out why it was never released by Coliseum Video, and what made it so special that it bucked convention and avoided a silly renaming. The reasons are still unclear, but at least we knew it did get a US release, only it was a direct port of the UK distributor Silver Vision’s version of the tape. However, the only difference was the format, being that the US version was NTSC rather than PAL, with everything from the artwork (albeit the American version sported a slightly darker shade of blue, for whatever reason) to the catalogue number the same. What that means for anal collectors is that both In Your House 12 and In Your House ‘97: Final Four (In Your House 13) have the same cat number. Maddening. If you have the US version (and make sure you do, because many an unscrupulous trader has attempted to make a quick buck from the UK one) then sell it and buy yourself a house. That’s how rare it is…


Arnold Furious: Part of the reason the WWF abandoned their event specific titling was that occasionally the booking went array. When they named IYH #12 as “It’s Time” it was back in the summertime when the intention was for Vader to win the WWF title from Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam and dominate the title scene toward the year’s end. Hence the riffing of “It’s Time” from his catchphrase “It’s Time, It’s Time, It’s Vader Time”. But Shawn nixed losing the title until Survivor Series, believing he needed a longer reign to prove himself to the marks, and eventually jobbed to Sid instead. The New York crowd at Survivor Series was clearly tired of Shawn’s title run and booed him out of the building, cheering a cheating Sid to his first world title. Maybe they’d caught wind of Shawn’s politicking backstage? New York has always been a smart crowd. After all, at the same event they happily latched on to new star Steve Austin. Speaking of which, neither Austin nor Michaels feature on this PPV, instead appearing in special dark matches for the live crowd. What? The two hottest talents in the company don’t work the PPV? They must have been mad.
For your amusement here are the dark matches from IYH 12:


Rocky Maivia vs. Salvatore Sincere

Brakkus vs. Dr. X

Steve Austin vs. Goldust

Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind

Can you believe this lot didn’t make the PPV? Rocky Maivia had only just debuted and he’s relegated to the Free For All. Meanwhile two potential showstealers are left to the live crowd. Madness. When you look at some of the shit that made the card you’d have to question the WWF’s sanity and the structure of In Your House shows. Brakkus is an odd fellow. A gigantic 300lb German the WWF signed with high hopes but he never quite mastered enough in-ring technique to get a push. He got farmed out to the USWA and ECW before returning in 1998 and getting shoved out the door after losing to Savio Vega in the career destroying Brawl for All. His opponent, Dr. X, is his trainer and former Heavenly Body and Bodydonna, Tom Prichard.

We’re in West Palm Beach, Florida. Hosts are Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross. The latter predicts Bret Hart will submit Sid to win the title.

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