In Your House 4: Great White North




Arnold Furious:

Fatu vs. Hunter Heart Helmsley
Fatu is rocking his colourful gang attire because he’s “Make A Difference” Fatu. Watching HHH from 1995 makes it hard to even relate him to the DX era Triple H. Both guys are around the same level and traded wins in late ’95. Triple H bumps around, selling like a drunk nobleman. The idea behind all of Triple H’s early feuds is they were against common men. Triple H hits a piledriver, which makes no sense to me because his finish has the same setup. So why not do it? He also hits it really soft, to the point where Vince says he got “most” of it. Triple H was originally an old fashioned grappler. He believed in absorbing lengthy chunks of the match with his own heat and following the formula. Fatu can take a few tasty bumps so the match isn’t completely dull. The crowd already hate Helmsley because of his snobbish attitude. Fatu backdrops out of the Pedigree and no-sells a DDT. The Samoan hard head thing is too unevenly booked for my liking. Why no sell a DDT but sell a piledriver? Especially when Fatu no sold the better applied hold. Fatu finds a Diamond Cutter (!) from somewhere but then misses off the top and walks into the Pedigree. A passable outing from both guys. The effort was there but Triple H still didn’t have his structuring down. So he’s really rough around the edges. Hanging around with Shawn Michaels improved him drastically. Henry Godwinn shows up afterwards to threaten a slopping and naturally Triple H sells his presence like the Grim Reaper.
Final Rating: **¼

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