In Your House 5: Seasons Beatings



Arnold Furious:


Sid & 1-2-3 Kid vs. Razor Ramon & Marty Jannetty
Survivor Series caused a rift between former tag partners Kid and Jannetty. The Kid had joined the Million Dollar Corporation but pissed Jannetty off when Sid helped him win the opening Survivor match. Ramon is still the IC champion and Goldust is just starting to get enamoured with him, thus leading to their IC title angle. Jannetty and Kid have decent chemistry and run some fun sequences. There’s no heat on it though, because the fans are eager to see Razor put a beating on the Kid. The Kid can’t get anything without help from Sid, which sums up their angle. The WWF went a bit far with it all and it damaged the Kid’s reputation, where he was totally humiliated every time out, to the point where he got legitimately depressed. The fans are strangely heel, which shows you how outdated the WWF was at the time. They chant loudly for “Sid” and one ringside fan has a sign marked “Marty must die”. The WWF get a bit bored and cut to Goldust for a promo where he wigs everyone out with his admiration of Razor Ramon. Vince doesn’t get it but it’s a killer promo. McMahon also turns on his own wrestlers by calling a slam from the Kid “sloppy”. It was, but it’s very strange hearing Vince actually say so. Kid started getting a bit loose going into 1996, which would lead to a de-push and his eventual move to WCW. Most people seem to put it down to drugs, but Kid isn’t the same talent from this point onwards. Hot tag to Razor and he cleans house. Bulldog finishes Sid off and the faces go over. Sid would promptly get fired/injured (depending on who you believe) and wouldn’t return until the summer. The match was decent to begin with but the Kid started making mistakes and Sid was incredibly lazy at the time. The WWF wasn’t keen on either of them, hence the job in a curtain jerker.
Final Rating: **¼

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