In Your House 8: Beware Of Dog

WWF Championship
Shawn Michaels (c) vs. The British Bulldog
Poor, injured Clarence Mason, complete with neck brace, accuses Shawn of trying to break up the Smith family household, the angle being that Shawn “prepositioned” Davey’s wife Diana. That whole angle made Diana look a bit whorish, like when she told Shawn on Raw “I know you want me.” “Don’t flatter yourself” responded HBK. McMahon found the whole thing rather amusing, but then he would. He must have been thrilled with the storyline because he talks about it at length throughout the match. Mason serves Shawn with a subpoena for “attempted alienation of affection”, which Shawn rips up. The match starts hard and fast until Davey bails to avoid a superkick and Shawn wipes him out with pescado instead before Shawn grabs a headlock and just sits in it. It’s frustrating because as the story goes, Shawn planned a 30 minute match only to have McMahon cut him to 18 owing to the problems with the storm, and Shawn in response tried to sabotage it so he could get his full 30 minutes on the replay. It didn’t quite work out that way, but at least they got another crack at it at King of the Ring. With Owen at ringside, Shawn breaks out the enzuigiri, then frustratingly follows up by sitting in a short arm scissors for a while. Bulldog powers out to demonstrate his freaky strength then grinds away at a chinlock for altogether too long. Shawn then receives the news the match is being truncated and sits there in the chinlock having an argument with Earl Hebner about it. One of Michaels’ biggest flaws as a human being was his petulance, demonstrated by his throwing himself out of the ring despite zero contact whatsoever on a duck down clothesline spot. Oh, grow up. Insistent that he’s not playing along, he lies around on the floor bit, then blows a slingshot clothesline to come back in. Instead of just wrapping things up, they go to a double down, Shawn blatantly intent on ruining the match at this point. Hebner takes a sensational bump after Bulldog runs through him, the best bump of the match in fact. Shawn promptly slips out of the running powerslam and hits a German suplex. Mike Chioda runs out as a second referee and counts three, popping the crowd huge until he announces Bulldog as the new champion. Hebner pops back to disagree, calling it for Shawn. With both men’s shoulders down, President Gorilla Monsoon strolls out to declare it a draw. If Gorilla were a real people’s president, he’d have declared the match must continue like he did at WrestleMania, but instead Bulldog gets a rematch at King of the Ring. The match is one of Shawn’s worst as champion, exposing all his glaring flaws for the world to see; his petulance, and his inability to accept other people’s opinions. Davey Boy was a bit cheeky on the pinfall too as he kinda snuck his shoulder blade off the mat in what looked like a bit of a reaction to Shawn’s attitude. Considering this was a year where Shawn was getting *** out of tackling dummies, rookies and broomsticks, this is a real disappointment.
Final Rating: **3/4


Now onto Beware of Dog #2 with Superstars announce team Jim Ross and Mr. Perfect. Ringside footage from Sunday shows Savio Vega beating Steve Austin in a strap match so Ted DiBiase on Raw switched things up a little; if Savio wins the rematch tonight, he’ll leave the WWF. He doesn’t mention that he’ll go sign for WCW though.


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