In Your House 8: Beware Of Dog

Caribbean Strap Match
Savio Vega vs. Steve Austin
Strap matches suck. Absolutely suck. There’s only even been two good ones, the best being Sting vs. Vader in WCW. Luckily, this is the other good one. Austin is a freak of nature in that, like Ric Flair, he can have a good match with pretty much anyone, and somehow, he’s got ridiculously strong chemistry with Savio. Strap matches only ever work if there’s hatred, and Savio brings that, viciously whipping Austin over and over again. And he’s the babyface! Savio starts collection corners but Austin low blows him, switching roles until Savio double-legs Austin and begins brawling. Ross claims Savio is a strap match expert who’s never lost one, with a record of 31-0. In case you’re wondering, the Caribbean strap match is exactly the same as a strap match from anywhere else, including Hulk Hogan’s Yappapi strap match. There’s no DQ here, which Austin cottons on to as he chokes Vega, whipping him savagely and intensifying things with strikes in between. It’s hell on the skin, and they already had one of these matches two days ago! Vega is better at collecting turnbuckles than Austin, but every time he shoots for the fourth buckle, Austin cuts him off, causing palpitations from DiBiase. Vega takes a shortcut by poking Austin in the eye, understand the nature of the match is to win at any cost. Both guys tease tombstones only to be countered, leading to Savio falling to the floor. That allows Austin to go up top and follow out so Savio pulls him off the top rope onto the ringside railing. An epic bump from Austin, on a par with some of Shawn’s sillier bumps. He was an amazing talent pre-neck injury. They build tension by collecting buckles, continually stopping off to beat the crap out of each other, and go for big moves like Austin hitting a piledriver and a grabbing a Million Dollar Dream. Savio decides, with Austin on his back, to collec buckles, making for a great visual. Austin drags Savio around by the neck but Vega picks up all the turnbuckles behind Austin’s back, ending with a tug-o-war struggle that sees Savio dragged into the fourth and final corner, giving Vega the win and sending DiBiase packing to the comfort of the New World Order. Austin later claimed he threw the match to get rid of the albatross that was DiBiase, his claim backed up by his walking off by himself and catapulting himself immediately into the spotlight by winning the King of the Ring tournament a month later, cutting the best promo of the entire decade in the process. .
Final Rating: ****


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