In Your House 8: Beware Of Dog

Vader vs. Yokozuna
Their meeting at the original PPV was all of three minutes which is fine by me. Most battles of the super heavyweights tend to disappoint and even with Vader there’s no guarantee of success. Yokozuna was useless by mid ‘96 so he’s really only in this match to get Vader over, and he can’t even do that because the match is all stalling to cover for Yoko’s lack of conditioning. It’s really sad that one of these guys was a 2-time WWF champion while the talented one got very little. When they finally get underway Vader lays in with the fists and all is right with the world. Yokozuna’s strategy is try and break Vader’s leg as revenge for Vader breaking his leg earlier in the year. The best part of the match though is Jim Ross, who not only understands that story, but as the ability to make it sound interesting. Oh Jim, you truly are a fantastic announcer. As funny as McMahon can be with some of his ridiculous calls, he’s not a patch on J.R. Mr. Perfect seems more at home alongside him too, not going after cheap gags but providing interesting analysis. I love it, normally it’s Vince rambling incoherently while Lawler reels off his standard gags, like when Bret Hart wrestles and all you get are jokes about how old Stu and Helen are. Yoko tries to squash Vader but Jim Cornette jumps up on the apron to buy Vader some time, leading to Yoko trying to Banzai Drop Cornette before Vader makes the save. Vader takes out Yoko’s bad leg and finishes with the Vader Bomb. The match isn’t terrible thanks to everyone bar Yokozuna, and I got a real kick out of the commentary.
Final Rating: *3/4


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