In Your House 9: International Incident



Arnold Furious: The WWF released In Your House 9: International Incident as Tour de Force ‘96 in the USA, after SummerSlam ‘96, which it preceded. I don’t know either. Just go with it. Nothing makes sense from this era thanks to Coliseum’s insane renaming of the PPV events. If I had to hazard an educated guess it’d be due to the poor buy-rates of the PPV’s and attempting to con Johnny Punchclock into buying the shows on tape without knowing what they were. Living in the UK, the In Your House shows were just released under their PPV names, due to their limited availability when aired live. There was a market for the shows as the audience had never seen them.


We’re in Vancouver, British Columbia. Hosts are Vince McMahon, Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler. The three man team was established at this point. JR was too good not to be on the shows, but Vince wanted to be there to keep his control over commentary.


The following is from the pre-show Free For All:


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