In Your House



Arnold Furious: With the WWF desperate for revenue, they had opted to increase their number of PPV shows. The PPV’s were the only thing that was selling. They’d burned the home video market with too many releases of poor quality (as was evidenced in the previous two books!) and the house shows were no longer the draw they were in the 80s. Back in ’95 it was felt that doing monthly themed PPV’s would be too much like effort and instead the new PPV’s would be branded as “In Your House”. IYH would mean shorter, cheaper PPV’s with a vaguely PPV quality card. While they didn’t sell as many IYH PPV’s as they did Big Four PPV’s (not including King of the Ring) it was all additional revenue stream for a company barely afloat. Within the industry, people suspected the WWF would go out of business in 1996. That’s how bad things were. We’re in Syracuse, New York. Hosts are Vince McMahon and “Handsome” Dok Hendrix. The reasoning behind Dok being thrown in at the deep end is that Jerry Lawler is wrestling on this show. You’d think Gorilla Monsoon or Jim Ross would have got the gig but apparently Vince liked the face/heel thing he had going on with Lawler and wanted to replicate it.


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