King of the Ring ’93

King of the Ring Final
Bret Hart vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
Bret comes out selling his knee from the Perfect match and still has tape on his fingers from the Razor match. Bret makes a point of showing the crowd how hurt his knee is by hobbling around the ring before we get going. They should have a good understanding, as this match went around the house show circuit for months. Bigelow decides to injure his own chunk of Bret and works the back. Bret’s a ring general and makes a point of using the ropes instead of doing the vanity kickouts. After all, he’s burned a lot of energy during the show and the back injury is slowing him down now. They have some tidy counters with both guys getting reversals where they shift their weight during a move. All those house show matches pay off; familiarity breeds fluidity. Sometimes laziness too, but these guys are eager to steal the show as they’re going on last. So Bigelow brings plentiful aggression and Bret takes excellent bumps. He takes a mean spine into the post spot, before Luna runs out and adds in a chair shot. That back is screwed! The moves have wonderful snap on them. Bigelow’s scoop slam is so aggressive. Anyway, Bigelow heads up top and takes it with a flying headbutt, BUT Earl Hebner runs down to point out the chair shot. Fink blows the announcement that the match must continue by saying the decision is reversed, although not why. It’s a mess. Anyway, the match continues. Bigelow screwed Bigelow. Bret should be easy pickings, as this is his third bout and he’s struggling with his back, but Bigelow takes needless risks instead of sticking to his strengths. Bigelow continues to work the back only for Bret to counter into a sleeper. Not sure I agree with his follow up dropkick as it involves taking a big back bump on his already injured spine. Bret pops up with a pescado and the drained crowd don’t pop it like they should. Bigelow has too much power to get stuck in the Sharpshooter and he counters a back suplex too. Bigelow gets caught in another mistake as he charges into the corner and Bret swiftly counters into the victory roll for the pin and the King of the Ring tournament win. Bret’s bumps were sensational but some of the psychology ended up being patchy regarding his injuries. Otherwise, a sterling effort from a guy in his third match of the night.
Final Rating: ***½

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