King of the Ring ’93

King of the Ring Quarter Final
Lex Luger vs. Tatanka
Both men are undefeated. As they introduce the match, the commentators remind us of the 15-minute time limit in the first round, thus hinting at the outcome of this bout. Not that anyone wants to see these guys go 15-minutes. If they wanted to showcase Luger, they should have found someone to carry his ass to that time limit. Luger is surprisingly adept at bumping around for Tatanka, even though it doesn’t suit him. He’s much better off as a face. Meanwhile, Savage tries to claim the King of the Ring is on a par with the WWF title. Yeah, and which would you rather have Randy? We get words with Bigelow who wants “the Injun” in his semi-final. Heenan makes the most of the slow pace in this match by making fun of Tatanka’s Native American heritage. Jim Ross kills his time by reeling off Luger’s college achievements. He loves those college stats. It’s like the commentators have taken this match to nail down their characters. Luger’s tactics tend to rely on lengthy rest holds, chinlocks and such. He mixes it up a bit and does some posing too. His primary weapon is that metal infused elbow. The ref forces him to wear an elbow pad, but Tatanka still sells elbow shots like they’re something special. It allows Tatanka to play the underdog and go for flash pins. As they sleep past 11-minutes, JR mentions the time limit again, and they start throwing in more and more near falls. They make a mistake by not announcing the time limit to the crowd, and they don’t have the same sense of urgency that JR brings to commentary. The impending time limit expiring also gets Savage and Heenan on the same page regarding time limit psychology. Luger gets a few half-hearted near falls, but the time limit expires. Luger demands five more minutes and then blindsides Tatanka with the steel plated forearm for shits and giggles. A boring opening 10-minutes, where they were blatantly wrestling for a draw, followed by a decent 5-minute finish. A candidate for clipping on a tape release if ever there was one.
Final Rating:


Backstage, Gene Okerlund stirs up trouble between Bret and Perfect by reminding Bret of his comments during the quarter final’s. Bret says Stu Hart beat Larry Hennig all the time back in the day, which provokes Perfect in demanding satisfaction for jobbing at SummerSlam ’91. Perfect reiterates he’ll do anything to win, so Bret points out that he didn’t win at SummerSlam. Oh, snap!

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