King of the Ring ’93

The Steiner Brothers & The Smoking Gunns vs. Money Inc. & The Headshrinkers
The last two matches are hard to follow. Bret and Perfect pushing five stars and then the death of Hulkamania. Where do you go from there? You just can’t try and beat it so they throw out this eight man tag filler. And this is the very definition of filler. Nobody cares. Not the fans, not the commentators, not the wrestlers. This would be the Smoking Gunns PPV debut and they’d become the core of the WWF’s tag division for years. On their debut they’re sporting cowboy moustaches. Bart and Fatu aim to steal the match with some superb counters, Fatu finishing the sequence with a precision superkick. JR is having a field day with all the “hosses” and their various college educations. Billy Gunn’s rodeo scholarship has him practically ejaculating. I’ll give credit to JR for two reasons though. 1. He actually gives a shit, even about this match, and actually gets into it and calls moves. 2. His knowledge of WWF history is respectable and he happily reels off in-ring accomplishments as well as college ones. It’s in this match that he shines, because Savage isn’t interested at all and Heenan is only interested in making fun of JR. It’s begging for a two-man team. Ted puts Billy Gunn out with the Million Dollar Dream, but takes forever following up, for no apparent reason, and gets caught with an inside cradle, with Billy scoring the upset pin. Although the majority of the participants weren’t too bothered, and the match is completely forgettable, both Fatu and the Gunns took their chances. They’d all end up getting pushes based on this effort.
Final Rating: **

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