King of the Ring ’94


Arnold Furious: 19th June 1994. We’re in Baltimore, Maryland (home of HBO’s phenomenal cop show The Wire). Hosts are Gorilla Monsoon, Randy Savage and comedy third wheel Art Donovan. It showed the pressure was on Vince from the steroid trial, as he couldn’t even bring himself to commentate on the PPV’s.


KOTR QF: Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Razor Ramon
If this was The Wire it’d be docker vs. slinger. This will be the longest match in tournament action all night. A word on the commentary team; Gorilla and Savage are ok as a two man unit, as Savage can run through all his pre-prepared stuff and he’s basically cutting promos. So he’s fine. He talks all over Art Donovan, but nobody cares what he thinks. He’s like Gill off the Simpsons. Everybody just ignores him while he says unimportant things. Incoherent babbling is Art’s main deal. He’s so hilariously bad he goes all the way back around to good. Probably for the best, as Razor and Bigelow have a real snoozer. Not ideal to open a PPV. Razor gets trapped in a rack while Art contributes more gold. “This the guy I picked to win this thing, right?” They give up on the wrestling and just start punching each other. That gets the crowd excited. Bigelow escapes the Razor’s Edge and sets for a moonsault, only for Razor to chokeslam him off the top and advance. Terrible match until the last minute and a half. I’d question them opening the show with such a slow bout. The hot opener should have been Jarrett-Kid or Owen-Tatanka.
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