King of the Ring ’95

Summary: I know it happened a long time ago, and I’ve generally gotten over most things that happened in the 90s, but I’m still angry about the decision to put Mabel over. That’s how stupid it was. It wrecked the integrity of King of the Ring after two good tournaments had turned it into a worker’s honour. They had a million ways to get Mabel over enough to contest for Diesel’s title if that’s the stupid booking direction they wanted to take. For some utterly inexplicable reason, they decided he should win King of the Ring. Surely putting Shawn over here would have generated at least three decent matches. Not even Bret Hart’s match is good on this PPV. That’s how bad it is. King of the Ring ’95 has a reputation for being one of the worst PPV’s of all time and it is entirely justified. When match of the night is Bob Holly vs. Road Dogg you know your company has put out a shit-heap of an event.
Verdict: 13

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