King of the Ring ’95

KOTR Qualifier: Savio Vega vs. IRS
This is the first time they showed an actual match on the Free For All show and actually edited all the crap out from around it. Normally the Free For All match was just a backdrop for Toad Pettengill to roam around the crowd being a twunt. This is IRS’s last big match in the WWF, which makes you wonder why they programmed him with Undertaker so recently. He’d actually feature at IYH2 as one of the lumberjacks before leaving for WCW, which shows you how desperate WCW was to sign talent off the WWF that they’d steal IRS away! A bit of a throwaway match, as it’s the Free For All, and just as it starts to get interesting Savio finishes with a spinning heel kick.
Final Rating: *½.
Hat Guy Rating: Sitting around looking disinterested.

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