King of the Ring ’95

KOTR QF: The Roadie vs. Bob Holly
Roadie upset Doink to get here. Bob Holly saw off the mighty Mantaur. Hat Guy gets into a shouting contest with Jarrett at ringside. He sure hates them managers. Roadie and Holly start an electric pace. It’s a shame neither of them is high up the card because they actually care. They keep it basic but it’s a good match. It looks like one of those trainee matches with all the armdrags and the International and shit, but they hit everything clean and the fans dig it so I can’t complain really. Holly switches up by attempting a rana only for Roadie to drop him with a powerbomb. ’95 is was the year the powerbomb took off in North America. Everyone was hitting powerbombs. Roadie kinda ruins the match by stopping off to dance like Milli f*ck*n’ Vanilli after every move. The actual wrestling is pretty decent. Sadly that’s because it’s MOTN. Holly hits a lot of high risk in his comeback only for Roadie to boot him in the face when he comes off the top and score the pin to advance.
Final Rating: **½
Hat Guy Rating: Indifference.

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