King of the Ring ’95

KOTR QF: Shawn Michaels vs. Kama
Shawn superkicked Bundy to qualify. His pre-match interview includes the quote “just because you’re big doesn’t mean you’re good”. Oh no, he’s shooting, cut off the mic! Kama defeated Duke “The Dumpster” Droese to qualify. Dok starts singing Pink Floyd lyrics at the Undertaker’s “fans” at ringside. Given the line up for KotR ’95, Shawn Michaels was the logical choice to win the whole thing. I know Vince wanted a monster heel for Diesel to face off against at SummerSlam but they could have achieved that by having Mabel just attack Diesel and take the Bundy/Mania 2 route. They didn’t have to sacrifice the entire PPV to get Mabel over. One of the prime examples of ruinination is the WWF’s belief that Shawn can’t get past Kama in 15-minutes. In any other scenario he superkicks Kama and pins him clean in 5-minutes tops. Oh, Shawn is 100% babyface by this point and not just face with the ladies and kids. Is he face with Hat Guy? Is he f*ck! Shawn does a lot of babyface stuff like posing and skinning the cat. Trying to steal the show without even touching Kama. Hat Guy gets animated as Kama works some heat. “WHY DON’T YOU GO F*CK YOURSELF, COCKSUCKER”. He spends most of Kama’s heat segment yelling at him, which takes some concentrated hatred and nobody else in the crowd gives even a quarter of a f*ck (just the head). Shawn bounces around like a maniac in an attempt to put Kama’s offence over, or show off, but seriously it’s Kama. How good could it possibly be? This was at a stage in Shawn’s career where, when he wasn’t being a complete dickhead, he could get *** out of a mannequin. Dok makes the bizarre claim that Shawn can’t lose the match on the floor, despite that being a count out and exactly how Yoko lost the first match. Shawn hits spots in this one without even bothering to check if Kama is in position. He wants to have a better match than Kama is capable of and as soon as Kama can’t hold up his end Shawn decides to turn it into a Michaels showcase. I’ve seen a few of those. HBK does some great boxing defence where he dodges the punches. It’s a pity the majority of the match is Kama doing time-killing rest holds because when Shawn is animated the match is good. Hat Guy buys into Kama rolling through a crossbody for a near fall with seconds remaining. They don’t even have a hot finish as Shawn attempts a sunset flip and Kama kicks out anyway. So it’s a 15-minute draw. Or a “double draw” according to the asshole doing ring announcing. It’s not Howard Finkel. It sounds like Justin X Roberts but he’d not be created in the WWE Labs until a decade later. Shawn busted his ass in this match and dragged Kama to one of his best outings. The match still isn’t as good as Holly vs. Roadie though, which should tell you all you need to know about Kama’s ability (and how much Shawn dogged this one). Shawn’s reaction to the draw? He loudly shouts “bullshit” and clearly mouths it to the camera before popping up and superkicking Kama. As if to say; it was booked this way, If it wasn’t that’s how long it would have taken for me to beat him.
Final Rating: **¼
Hat Guy Rating: I’m fairly certain he yelled “f*gg*t” at Kama as he tumbled out of the ring at the end. He’s not impressed with the booking.

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