King of the Ring ’95

KOTR SF: Savio Vega vs. The Roadie
The crowd now cottons on to the KotR being the Cinderella story for Savio and immediately sit on their hands. They’d cheer him over Yokozuna, but now he’s the only face in the tournament? Nobody cares. It’s harsh on Roadie who almost earned his spot here and has Jarrett to help. Hat Guy baits Roadie into a response of “you shut up, guy”. “IT’S HAT GUY, YOU PUSSY”. Alright, I made that one up. Because of Roadie’s inexperience and Savio’s inexperience in North America, the match is sloppy as hell. Nobody gives a shit. Not even Hat Guy. He can’t even bring himself to shout abuse at Jeff Jarrett who’s standing a few feet in front of him. Savio decides that if he can’t have a good match he’ll have a stiff one and boots Roadie in the face. Jarrett jumps on the apron for the heel miscue and Savio rolls Roadie up for the win. By far the most entertaining moment is Savio giving a post match interview in Spanish to Carlos Cabrera and Dok translating into English in racist fashion. “I need to stop stealing hubcaps” is my favourite, and the funniest thing Dok has said in two PPVs.
Final Rating: ½*
Hat Guy Rating: Zzzzzzz

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