King of the Ring ’95

Kiss My Foot Match
Bret Hart vs. Jerry Lawler
This feud has been rumbling on for two goddamn years now and this is the final match. Lawler hasn’t washed his feet since the match was announced. Like every other Lawler-Bret match, Jerry has plans afoot. Pun intended. Stephanie Wiand makes a point of overselling King’s foot odour on his way to the ring. It’s almost a pity this is before the whole ECW invasion angle because Lawler got SO over as a heel during that “Extremely Crappy Wrestling” spiel. They loathed him in Philly. Bret gives over a big chunk of the match so Lawler can get it over. Lawler alternates between pissing the fans off and hitting piledrivers. Vladimir and Hat Guy are almost over the rail and he’s only hit one move. Of course Lawler spends too long pissing the crowd off and no time actually attempting a pinfall. He pulls his stinky, wart infested boot off and smacks Bret with it… for 2. How on Earth did the referee not see that? Hat Guy doesn’t appreciate the cartoonish bullshit, not to mention the total waste of Bret Hart. Shinja and Hakushi show up but Lawler catches an accidental shot to the face. Bret runs through a sloppy Three Moves of Doom. Mainly because Lawler sandbags him. Bret must be fed up with that shit because he opts to go right into the Sharpshooter. That finishes the match and the damned long feud. The match is bad but you’ve got to give it to Lawler for figuratively showing ass. He not only eats Bret’s foot but also his own.
Final Rating: *
Hat Guy Rating: “Heh”

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