King Of The Ring ’99

King of the Ring Quarter Final
The Big Show vs. Kane
This was something of a dream match for WWF fans as their resident monster got to meet WCW’s monster of the previous three years. However, both guys were somewhat limited in the ring and have no plan whatsoever coming into this match. The result is bowling shoe ugly. Kane has at least being working on his punches after stinking up the WWF’s rings throughout 1998 with horrible matches. JR takes a shot at the internet by saying online fans have Big Show as the favourite. They start out with an okay brawl until they both whiff on a double big boot spot, causing a few chuckles from the audience. Kane takes it personally and starts using a chokehold. So there he is, choking away on the mat. The ref gets bumped and Bobcore runs down here right into a Kane chokeslam. We still playing by your rules, mate? Kane goes back to choking. More choking. More choking. More choking. More choking. The ref is still down as JR suggests he may be dead. More choking. More choking. More choking. More choking. More choking. More choking. The fans begin to get restless at the total lack of effort. More choking. Booing now. More choking. More choking. More choking. Show finally breaks it so Kane chair shots him for the pin. The match started out fine but the three minute long chokehold tested the audiences patience. I’ve seen this in negative stars and it probably deserves it, but only half the match is an embarrassment to wrestling so we’ll be nice and call it…
Final Rating: DUD


Backstage: Vince McMahon says he’ll never forgive Ken Shamrock and that Shane is too injured to compete. “I can do it, dad” says Shane in the background. What a brave little trooper!

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