Rampage Bercy ’93

Lee Maughan: Comme Daniel Bryan pourrait dire: Oui! Oui! Oui! La lutte professionnelle de la France! Très grande!


April 8th, 1993 – Bercy Stadium, Paris, France. So this show comes from the post-WrestleMania IX, European Rampage tour, and it takes place four days after WrestleMania and three before the UK Rampage show from Sheffield, both reviewed elsewhere in this book by Arnold Furious. It originally aired as a special on the Canal+ channel and was later released by Coliseum Video in France only, making it extremely hard to track down. Obviously, all of the commentary is in French, but there are a few promos scattered throughout the show from the wrestlers in English, the first of which sees Shawn Michaels relaxing by a golden statue and calling Bob Backlund an “All-American Loser.”

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