Rampage Bercy ’93

The Headshrinkers vs. The Nasty Boys
Remember what I said about resting hard? These guys are out there for five minutes solid just hamming it up for the crowd instead of actually wrestling, which is great for a live audience to interact with, but hell to sit through for the viewer at home watching it on TV, and let’s not forget this show was being broadcast on French television. Okay, France might not be an important territory to you, but you’d think when a show is being taped that they would at least ramp up the effort level for posterity’s sake? Instead it’s just bog-standard house show fare, a total stall-o-rama that even ‘Living Legend’ Larry Zbyszko would have found tedious. It’s pretty sad actually that The Rockers had broken up by this point, because they’d have probably made great foil for the Headshrinkers, whereas The Nasty Boys are just the wrong dynamic entirely for them to get a good rhythm going. And indeed, there’s never any more action that what you’d consider “enough to get by” before they get the heat on Sags, and that lasts for all of about 90-seconds before he makes the hot tag to Knobbs. I suppose one should be grateful for small mercies, I can’t imagine how mind-numbing those 90-seconds might have been had they just lay there in another chinlock. Things actually start to heat up from there as the Nasties land double DDTs on both Headshrinkers… and then the bell rings completely out of nowhere, for what I would have presumed signalled the end of the contractually stipulated 11½ minute time limit, but is actually rung to call a double disqualification for reasons neither you nor I could ever possibly fathom. Then, and only then, do things actually take a dramatic upswing, as Samu and Fatu obliterate Knobbs and Sags with a trio of chairs, literally smashing them pieces over the carcasses of their fallen foes, only to be thwarted on their way back to the locker room for an aisle-wide brawl with the revived Nasty Boys. It reawakens memories of those insane anything goes matches they had with Cactus Jack, Maxx Payne and Kevin Sullivan in WCW the year after this. And that’s perhaps the most annoying thing about this match – they produced a finish dripping with promise for what a full-on street fight between these two teams could have been like, and never delivered on any kind of follow up, which is made all the stupider when you consider the WWF was visiting Paris about once-a-year at this point and they weren’t actually building to a return match of any sort. Even more of a head-scratcher: everybody knew The Nasty Boys were on their last legs at this point as far as their WWF run was concerned, so why couldn’t they just put The Headshrinkers over clean and give the newcomers a rub? Absolutely infuriating!
Final Rating:


Meanwhile out on the streets of gay Paris, the Parisians aren’t looking at the Eiffel Tower any longer because they’re all looking at Yokozuna, “the uncrowned champion.”

Elsewhere, Mr. Perfect sneezes.


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