Royal Rumble ’94


Arnold Furious: Desperate men do desperate things. That’s the motto behind Royal Rumble ’94. Vince McMahon had become so desperate in the midst of a personal crisis stemming from steroid allegations, that he started throwing all manner of crap onto TV. Rumble ’94 featured a bizarre solution to The Undertaker asking for time off. Plus “co-winners” of the Rumble event itself and finally pulling the trigger on an Owen Hart heel turn. The WWF were rumoured to be experimenting with all kinds of possibilities including, but not limited to, putting the WWF title on Ludvig Borga. That isn’t quite as ridiculous as Vince Russo’s suggestion that Tank Abbot become WCW champion, but it’s not far off. Vince did know he was desperately short on main event talent though and allotted time in this Rumble match that ensured a new one was born: Diesel.


We’re in Providence, Rhode Island. Hosts are Vince McMahon and Ted DiBiase. Bobby Heenan had left the company so Vince moved on to another former wrestler who’d recently retired to join commentary with him. It wasn’t until Jerry Lawler settled into the role that the WWF would truly replace Heenan. Heel colour guy is not an easy spot to slot into.


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