St. Valentine’s Day Massacre




Arnold Furious: The WWF isn’t known for its class. There have been several dubious decisions by them over the years (including but not limited to; necrophilia, coffin surfing, miscarriages and faked death), but nobody ever seems to flag up their decision to name a 1999 PPV after the real-life murder of seven men. The actual St. Valentine’s Day Massacre took place some 70 years earlier so perhaps the WWF could be guilty of either ignorance, not knowing what happened, or considering enough time had passed to make light of those events. Given that one of the S’s in “Massacre” is backwards on the edge of the video cassette; I’m going with the former. However, what better gangster for the WWF to name something after than Al Capone? As American as Vince and company, and often in trouble with the government, Capone was a figurehead for his respective career choice. Al Capone is The Gangster. Much like Vince McMahon is The Wrestling Promoter. Vince’s own Valentine’s Day Massacre was buying out his rivals and firing them live on TV. Perhaps the title is more appropriate than at first glance.


We’re in Memphis, Tennessee. Hosts are Michael Cole (unfortunately) and Jerry Lawler. The latter is over HUGE, thus proving he was Memphis wrestling to many people.

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