St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

WWF Tag Team Championship
Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart (c) vs. Mark Henry & D’Lo Brown
The champs have Debra so the challengers have acquired Ivory as their manager/sex object for Sexual Chocolate, because of “ebony and ivory”. I don’t think that’s what Paul McCartney had in mind. The Cole and Lawler team is really grating by this point. Cole keeps interrupting King’s jokes and repeating himself, meanwhile Lawler’s voice is disappearing. Three of the wrestlers in this match are good. D’Lo isn’t quite good enough to know when to use Henry and the match suffers from a heel/face alignment void as they’re basically all heels. The champs have some reasonable teamwork, showing at least two people care about the tag team division in 1999. D’Lo takes the majority of the match for his team, which helps immensely, and the champs’ heat on him isn’t boring. D’Lo counters Owen into the Sky High to set up the hot tag. It’s not particularly hot because Henry isn’t a face, but he is perfect for the hot tag role. Henry blows a corner spot and D’Lo has to save the match himself; hitting a sitout powerbomb on Jarrett only for Owen to save. Debra tries to show D’Lo a little cleavage to stop the Lo Down, but Ivory stops that. D’Lo is distracted and the champs bash Henry in the leg with the guitar. Jarrett finishes immediately with the figure four. Despite early quality between D’Lo and the champs, this match went completely to shit towards the end. The ref had no idea who was legal and what was going on and the final insult to the intelligence was him not seeing the shattered remains of a guitar in the ring. Gee, I wonder who used that? Good chemistry between D’Lo and both Jarrett and Owen but the match went to pieces, like Jarrett’s guitar.
Final Rating: **¼

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