SummerSlam ’93



Arnold Furious: By August 1993, Vince McMahon was only months away from being indicted with allegations surrounding his distribution of steroids within the WWF. The company was suffering due to the negativity surrounding it, and had become creatively bankrupt. Vince couldn’t think of a way to move on from Hulkamania so just inserted a new superstar in the same gimmick and pushed him into the title picture; the former narcissist Lex Luger. The summer saw the WWF’s title picture dominated by reigning champion, and Hulk-buster, Yokozuna. The monster heel champion was something the WWF ended up doing off the back of a similar successful experiment in WCW, where Vader had earned rave reviews as heavyweight champion. The WWF rarely went with heel champions, let alone strong ones, so this was perhaps indicative of Vince’s lack of involvement at the time. He was seemingly willing to let other ideas be heard and for different angles to occur. The storyline this set up was quite simple; Yoko would dominate everyone until the right face came along to unseat him. It seemed a no-brainer that Luger would do just that, but the WWF had a swerve lined up for the fanbase…


30th August 1993. We’re at the Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan. Take care crossing the street folks because the Lex Express is on the way! We know this because Vince McMahon screams “The Lex Express” at every available opportunity. Hosts are Vince “THE LEX EXPRESS HAS STOPPED IN AUBURN HILLS” McMahon and Bobby Heenan.

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