SummerSlam ’93

Ludvig Borga vs. Marty Jannetty
Say what you like about Borga; he was a great promo. Shame they decided to feed Jannetty to him here as Marty was seriously over after his Shawn feud. Once Borga treated him like enhancement he’d never be the same again. Borga was a good character but a horrible wrestler. His Finnish wrestling gear didn’t even look threatening. With the right attire and moveset, Borga could have been a star and the WWF were certainly interested in pushing him to the moon. During the second half of 1993 it seemed he was destined for the main events, but an injury early in ’94 derailed that push. He headed back to Europe before dabbling in MMA and politics. His brief WWF career is probably for the best as the majority of this squash is just punches, not good ones either, and rest holds. Jannetty tries his best to get basic holds over and 360 flip bumps a clothesline. Borga no sells a pair of superkicks and finishes with the Torture Rack. It seems odd he’d steal Luger’s finish, but Lex was using his forearm smash to set up for Yoko. Presumably Jannetty upset somebody important to get his promising WWF career derailed in such spectacular fashion.
Final Rating: ½*

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