SummerSlam ’94



Arnold Furious: Before the show this tape details the softball game that the WWF had against the Chicago media. This is mostly boring but for two things. 1. Former professional baseball candidate Randy Savage clearing the bases with a home run and 2. Shawn Michaels pitching the whole thing with his shirt off, thus cementing his sex symbol status. We move on to Leslie Nielson, who’d been hired to locate the real Undertaker. It’s basically Frank Drebin in a series of mildly funny skits. The dreadful third Naked Gun movie came out in 1994 so Nielson’s run in the sun was coming to an end.


We’re in Chicago, Illinois. Todd Pettengill announces that Diesel and Shawn Michaels won the tag titles just last night. It was one hell of a weekend for wrestling as 2 days before SummerSlam, Shane Douglas won the NWA title and threw it down, thereby killing the title’s credibility forever and announcing ECW to the world. Also, Vince McMahon had been acquitted by a jury earlier in the month and the steroid trial was over. Relieved, Vince strolled back into the WWF and behind the mic and hosts this show with Jerry Lawler. The arena host is Randy Savage, in one of his last appearances for the company. Before the year was out he’d be competing for WCW. Lawler points out Davey Boy Smith in attendance. Acquittal = the return of fired wrestlers with substance abuse problems.


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