Survivor Series ’93



Arnold Furious: 1993 was not a good year for the WWF. Business was down, talent was leaving for pastures new and Hulkamania was dead. Increasingly the WWF were relying on strong foreign markets and tours. The final nail in the WWF’s coffin, or so some thought, was Vince McMahon’s indictment on steroid distribution charges by the federal government, shortly before this show. To say his mind wasn’t on the product would be an understatement. If WCW had been as strong in 1993 as they were in the years to follow then maybe the WWF would have been run into the ground before 1994 came into view. Luckily for the WWF, 1994 is the year where the WWF shows signs of improvement, putting on one of its greatest WrestleManias.


Coming into this show alone, the company had a multitude of problems. Shawn Michaels had been taken off TV amid rumours of him testing positive for steroids, a major issue at the time, and was rumoured to have quit the company entirely to talk to WCW. Worried that one of their champions would show up in WCW with the belt, the WWF ran a hurried battle royal/final match, crowning Razor Ramon as the new IC champion. Things took a turn for the weird as Shawn returned to the fold to replace another problem in Jerry Lawler. The King of Memphis had been battling Bret Hart for months but was accused of statutory rape and removed from TV. Shawn returned to take Lawler’s place in the hopes that the fans wouldn’t notice. Booking on the fly isn’t easy. Given a long term solution, they worked towards a match between Michaels and Razor at WrestleMania. Another issue stemmed from Mr. Perfect’s sudden second retirement with back injuries. Randy Savage, himself feuding with the freshly turned Crush, was hurriedly inserted into the opening match in place of Hennig.


24th November 1993. We’re in Boston, Massachusetts. Hosts are Vince McMahon and a departing Bobby Heenan in his final WWF PPV.

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