Survivor Series ’93

Diesel, IRS, Rick Martel & Adam Bomb vs. Razor Ramon, 1-2-3 Kid, Marty Jannetty & Randy Savage
Diesel got over by association with HBK. This is actually IRS’s team (I know!) but I can’t bring myself to put him first. He’s even feuding with IC champ Razor Ramon as they didn’t know what Shawn was going to do. Martel jobbed to Ramon in the IC title final match. Razor makes cryptic remarks about Mr Perfect quitting on him and replaces him with Savage or the “Macho Mang” if you’re Scott Hall. Adam Bomb is feuding with Marty Jannetty but that’s not as ridiculous as it sounds as Jannetty was still a star in 1993. Albeit one squashed by Ludvig Borga at SummerSlam. You can see immediately why Ramon was turned face, as the crowd eats up his generic power stuff. Adam Bomb evens up the power scales, although he’s sadly sans goggles once the match starts. What was he wearing goggles for anyway? Was he afraid radiation was going to seep into his eyes? There is a deliberate attempt to get Adam Bomb over as a powerhouse. Martel miscues allowing heel arguments and Martel gets to lay out the weakest man in wrestling; Harvey Wippleman. It might seem ludicrous considering how great a heel he was, but Waltman was perfect in the plucky babyface role. Bomb and Diesel literally throw him around like he’s a rag doll. The crowd LOVE it and Diesel must be having the time of his life. He loves throwing little midget wrestlers around. This is back when he could still take a bump though, so Kid gets him with a flying headscissors. Savage screws up the timing on his hot tag offence before putting Diesel away with the flying elbow. That would be insane just six months later and a year on, completely unthinkable. It’s bad booking to put the face team up one member in my opinion, especially seeing as one of only two guys in this match the WWF was really serious about pushing just jobbed. It shows you how little the WWF rated Diesel at the time. Hell, Adam Bomb was higher on the pecking order! IRS too! IRS! What’s IRS going to do in this thing anyway? Chinlock Razor extensively? Yep. You can tell its Bobby Heenan’s last big show as he spends every available opportunity making fun of Vince’s lack of authority, which is, of course, not true. Also his lack of knowledge. “Oh my look at that” is met with a “look at what?” from Heenan. Savage looks to finish IRS with the flying elbow but heel Crush shows up to mock him. The distraction allows IRS to pin him with a roll up. You get that finish all the time now but it was relatively fresh back then, especially as we follow Savage into the back as he pursues his tormentor. Savage is terrible at hide and seek and can’t find the 300lb Hawaiian. Martel uses the abdominal stretch with cheating spot and IRS looks on as if to say: “you sonofabitch, you stole my spot!” Chokeslam and the Razor’s Edge sends IRS packing. His heart wasn’t in it after Martel stole his bit. IRS takes it out on Razor with a Halliburton shot and you can’t DQ him because he’s already eliminated. Razor falls outside and is eliminated on count out. They couldn’t have Adam Bomb pin him? Geez. That glass ceiling just clicked shut as soon as Hall stepped through it. The crowd buy into the underdogs and start chanting “1-2-3”. No wonder Kid and Jannetty were made into a tag team. Great spot follows with Kid hitting a topé only for Bomb to catch and slam him on the floor. That’s the beauty of the Kid. Rag doll, baby. Martel is surprisingly motivated once we get into the final stretch. Generally if you’ve got a WWF Martel match after ’92 you’ve not got much of anything. He and Jannetty do some tidy stuff and he has fun manhandling Kid too. Kid gets him with the Brisco corner roll up. Jannetty sunset flips in to take out Bomb as well. Survivors: Marty Jannetty and 1-2-3 Kid. They’d become a team based on this and even hold the tag titles, which provides a weird trivia answer regarding tag title wins. Both of The Rockers held the tag titles but never as a team. The match was fun and creative, which starts the show off on a high. Sadly it’s mostly all downhill from here.
Final Rating: ***½

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