Survivor Series ’94


Arnold Furious: The worst thing about watching tapes from 1994 is Todd Pettengill riding horses to the ring on the pre-show. I hate him SO much. I know he’s a shill man and its his job to be all excited and irritating, and he’s not even the worse guy the WWF hired for the gig, but he paved the way for all these other scum that have done the job as irritatingly since. Basically; fuck Todd Pettengill. Fuck him in both ears. To their credit the WWF show footage from waaaaay back in 1983 to preview the Backlund title shot. It is a good story: Backlund never lost the title, Arnold Skaaland threw the towel in. This PPV match comes about thanks to Bret’s outstanding abilities. Bob got a shot at the Hitman and lost, blaming a slow count on a cheeky roll up, and Backlund turned heel. Bret made him look awesome. My favourite part of the pre-show is Todd’s assertion that the WWF “doesn’t do PPV’s all the time”. Give it six months, mate. By this PPV they’d got the pre-show down, with the video packages, the interviews and such. It works. Interestingly enough this is the first PPV to have Spanish commentary recorded.


Hosts are Vince McMahon and Gorilla Monsoon, dressed as cowboys because we’re in San Antonio, Texas. Pity Vince insists on doing PBP as Gorilla is way better at it.


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