Survivor Series ’95

Summary: I always liked this show. You have one of my favourites, Bret Hart, regaining the title and starting another reign, which would run into WrestleMania and the start of Shawn’s run. The Survivor matches are all entertaining at the least. The only bad match is Goldust and Bigelow and you can skip over that. The WWF might have had a terrible 1995 but most of the shit happens in the summer. By the time winter rolled around, they were planning long term and getting better angles and matches out of it. It probably helped that Mabel’s run of horrific main events is over and Sid is about to take a holiday. As we head towards 1996, Bret Hart is champion and Shawn Michaels is on a massive push. What could possibly go wrong with those two colliding at WrestleMania?
Verdict: 78

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