UK Rampage ’92

James Dixon: This was a UK special from the Sheffield Arena as part of the European Rampage Tour, televised on Sky Movies Plus from April 1992, around three weeks after WrestleMania VIII.


Tatanka vs. Skinner
What a pop for Tatanka! I hope this show doesn’t suffer from the usual problems that the UK events had, with poor matches given 15-minutes and just sending the crowd to sleep. Skinner was a strange one. He had a terrible gimmick, awful attire and was a glorified jobber, but his matches surprisingly don’t completely suck. Steve Keirn is a good worker, and he was able to extract more mileage out of Skinner than the character had any right to get. It’s a few minutes before Skinner gets on the offensive for the first time, sending Tatanka face-first into the buckles and then targeting the leg. Skinner puts on a toe-hold and uses the ropes for leverage, but gets caught and the referee kicks him off. Skinner continues the assault, slamming the leg into the apron and then wrapping it around the post.  This has been a good wrestling display from Skinner. Something I have never noticed before is what a really camp quality the character has, combined with a strange nonchalance when delivering moves. It is not lazy or anything like that, there is just a “shrugging” quality to his offense. Keirn could have been much more in the WWF if he was allowed to just be a wrestler like Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard were when they came in a few years earlier, but he arrived too late, deep into the Village People phase of the company. A straight up wrestler just wouldn’t have worked. Shame, really. Tatanka mounts a comeback and soon after hits the End of Trail for the clean win, to the delight of the crowd, after around 12-minutes. That was fairly long for those guys, but there was nothing wrong with it. Thoroughly decent.
Final Rating: **

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