UK Rampage ’93

Damien Demento vs. Bob Backlund
Why did Damien’s ring gear look like it was trying to eat him? Who in their right mind would put a line of teeth along each shoulder and have it pointing towards their own head? So, one guy here is totally insane and the other one is Damien Demento. Backlund had a boring gimmick at the time of “old school wrestler” that nobody cared about. Especially in England, where Bob’s heyday hadn’t been televised. Air horn guy has thankfully gone for a snack, allowing me a break from the boozing. Probably for the best as I’m onto my final bottle of Tsingtao and if I get into that Wild Turkey… bad things happen. This match though. This match. Oy. Demento slaps a terrible chinlock on and Backlund just sits in it. Like he’s on strike. Come on, Bobby, that’s a 1.2 Sags chinlock. It’s horrible. Just turn out of it, or grab his leg or do something! The crowd, which has been hot for everything, no longer cares. Ah, air horn. Sweet, sweet beer, save me from the sheer boredom of Damien Demento! What is Backlund doing in this match? He’s a great technical wrestler. He finishes Demento with the O’Connor Roll and I feel like he could have done that at any time because Demento is such a box of shit wrestler. A shit box.
Final Rating: ¼*

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