UK Rampage ’93

WWF Intercontinental Championship
Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Crush
Shawn gets a big face pop off the girls and kids. Considering he was the #3 heel in the company at the time, that’s perhaps not what the WWF were hoping for. Shawn had a reputation at the time for getting *** out of a plank of wood, ala late 80s Flair, but Crush isn’t that clever. Michaels would be better off wrestling himself. Crush throws him around a bit, like Flair in the late 80s. I’m not saying it’s a rip off but Shawn must have watched a lot of those Flair vs. “big lug” matches to get an idea of how to work bouts like this one. It wasn’t until he developed his own style that he started getting stupidly good matches out of Diesel and Sid. And that’s all the anaysis you’ll get in me with that much air horn happening. I’m still not sure if Shawn is a guilty pleasure, because of Montreal, or whether I genuinely love his work. I think probably the latter. He might be a dick but, fucking air horn, he earned it. Shame Crush sucks the balls. Both of them. Same time. Doube suck. Only people who suck use the double claw head vice. I love the claw though. CLAAAAAAAW. Shawn gets fed up and s counted out. An early Shawn carry job. Crush is BAGGAGE. More air horn? Don’t mind if I do!
Final Rating:  **½


Oh shit, I just got the head vice. Crush and then he crushes your head. Crush, crush, crush. Haha, brilliant.


Bobby Heenan interviews Yokozuna.


Say, if the WWF had kep the tiel on Yoko they could have fenended the belt here. Hows them apples? Obviously Hogan doesn’t tour. He likes to sit at home shooting steroids and drinking Coors light or whatever pussy ass beer he drinks. That’s right, pussy beer. Weak American beer to go with his weak American hair. Baaaaaaaldy, baaaaaaldy. A wrestler actually barracked me by caling me bald once. I have a full and lusterous head of hair. No male patent baldness aka weakness in my genes, pukestar. Fuji’s promo reminds everyone why Cornette got hired. “Typical Enlishmen no hot dogs”. Whaaaaa?

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