WrestleMania XI



Arnold Furious: We’re in Hartford, Connecticut, with a paltry 16,000 in attendance. The WWF was struggling for support at the time and wrestling in general was down, only to be re-invigorated by WCW’s New World Order angle in mid-’96. Hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler.


The Allied Powers vs. The Blu Brothers
The Blus are the Harris Brothers, so they suck. The only good thing about them is their manager; ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantel, renamed Uncle Zebekiah. The Allied Powers are the short lived team of Lex Luger and Davey Boy Smith, which could have been a hot ticket IF either of them gave a shit about it. But they don’t. Luger is pretty much waiting for his contract to expire and Bulldog isn’t thrilled to find his hot return to the WWF consisting of being dumped in a shit tag division. The crowd are less than impressed at being presented with this opener. The Blus work some boring heat on Davey and switch without tags, because they’re identical. Luger gets the hot tag and goes straight onto autopilot. It was shit like this that derailed Luger’s career. If he can’t get motivated at WrestleMania, then he won’t get motivated for anything. Davey tags in blind and sunset flips one of the Blus for the win. Let’s say Eli. Considering the weak tag division, the Allied Powers should have run roughshod over it. They did next to nothing and faded away and Bulldog did very little until his summer heel turn.
Final Rating: ½*

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