Insurrextion 2001


Arnold Furious: Insurrextion first took place in 2000, as the WWF tried to eek every last pound coin from the UK public while the wrestling boom was hot. The yearly PPV event lasted three years in London before a final event in Newcastle. Falling attendances and buyrates caused the UK PPV experiment to come crashing to a halt and the WWF decided to make the UK fans pay for the American PPV’s instead, therefore retaining their income stream without filling the world with pointless UK only PPV events.


We’re in London, England. We start backstage where William Regal informs Kurt Angle via telephone that the whole card has changed. He’s interrupted by Vince McMahon accusing him of being power crazy, but Regal points out that Linda McMahon altered the card, not him. Linda shows up to stop Vince going off on a rant and saying the changes were for the fans. It’s like a mantra, regardless of content. I booked this shit-heap main event for the fans. Like Will Ferrell in The Campaign. For the troops! The only good thing about this McMahon-fest was Regal’s facial selling in the background. Less is more. Vince closes by making fun of the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak. His delivery is weird and off.


Hosts are Michael Cole and Paul Heyman. In my head I jokingly said to myself; at least we get a good commentary team and I’d even typed JR’s name out. Then a little voice in the back of my head said “but what if it’s Coleslaw”. Nooo! Oddly enough I hate coleslaw too.

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