Judgment Day 2001

William Regal vs. Rikishi
Regal has vowed revenge on behalf of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley who received a recent Stinkface. Rikishi’s big heel run eventually petered out and he flopped back face like most big fat guys usually do. For storylines he was brought back from the darkside by Mick Foley. Regal has trouble working around Rikishi’s limitations, using his facial ticks and personality rather than in-ring skill. Regal takes a Stinkface, which goes on for ages. Regal’s selling is remarkable as the stench looks to have driven him borderline insane. If there’s a guy with better facial expressions than William Regal, I’ve not seen him. Rikishi misses in the corner following up though and the Regal neckbreaker finishes a brisk 3-minute opener. Regal is a bloody mess after getting busted hardway off the ring steps, but luckily Michael Cole isn’t on commentary so we can actually acknowledge the accidental blood.
Final Rating: *


Backstage: Edge & Christian debate the tag team turmoil match. Christian says they’re a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame if they win, which makes me chuckle. They move on to Chris Jericho’s mystery partner but Christian dismisses him as “shmuck sauce”. Kurt Angle arrives to ask for advice on ladder matches, in the highly unlikely situation that he doesn’t beat Chris Benoit in two straight falls. “Falling off sucks… so don’t do it” advises Edge. These guys reek of awesomeness.


Elsewhere: ‘The Game’ and Mrs. ‘The Game’ arrive. Vince McMahon stops in for a chat and questions Triple H’s judgement for messing with “the sanctity of marriage” as the Two Man Powertrip had targeted Undertaker’s BOBFOC wife Sara. Hunter points out Vince is not exactly husband of the year, having had his wife committed.

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