Judgment Day 2001

WWF Hardcore Championship
Rhyno (c) vs. The Big Show vs. Test
The feud is Show vs. Test as Test helped Shane McMahon win a Last Man Standing match at Backlash and Show promptly cracked his ribs. Because that singles match would suck Rhyno gets inserted, as well as his Hardcore Title, to spice things up. They brawl around ringside a bit and when that gets boring they head into the back. Rhyno and Test team up to punch Show onto some pallets. You’d think they’d avoid pallets after Triple H’s calf injury at Royal Rumble 2000. With Show down the other two brawl back to the ring. “The ring’s this way” yells one of the fans. Quite. Rhyno and Test take it in turns to hit each other with plunder until Show strolls back down. Chokeslam for Rhyno and it’s a release one so it’s more vicious than Show’s original chokeslam where he dropped to his knees. I never got that. Why make your finisher look softer than it is? The ring steps come into play as Rhyno uses them as a launch pad for the GORE, GORE, GORE! Show counts lights for Rhyno, believe it or not. Rhyno tried to get a bit creative with his spots but for whatever reason these three couldn’t get it together. Rhyno looked enthused at least and Test was getting a decent push opposite Big Show, and Test would go on to feature quite prominently as a traitor in the Invasion angle, which somewhat damaged all the hard work that had gone into his face run here.
Final Rating:


Backstage: Team Xtreme warm up as Matt puts over Lita. Eddie Guerrero shows up to offer help as Matt gets very overprotective of his girl. Foreshadowing. Elsewhere William Regal pops into Steve Austin’s locker room to tell the champ the title match is No Holds Barred. Austin doesn’t freak out and instead says “that’s fine with me”.

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