Judgment Day 2001

WWF Women’s Championship
Chyna (c) vs. Lita
Chyna had turned slightly heel since becoming champion and basically destroying all opposition in the women’s division. Backstage her contract was almost up and she demanded ludicrous money to re-sign. It couldn’t have come at a worse time with WCW out of business and no competition knocking around. Chyna’s value wasn’t what she thought it was and she had nobody to play off. The WWF basically decided she wasn’t worth the hassle and cut her loose. Chyna comes out dressed like a peacock, which about sums up her own overvaluation and increased sense of self worth. Despite being dumped by the WWF Chyna still had the longest women’s title run since Alundra Blayze. As you’d expect this match is horribly sloppy. Lita spends most of it bouncing off Chyna and hitting lucky high spots. Chyna, not for the first time, has great trouble keeping herself in her costume, which is blatantly designed to make her look good rather than allow her to move. It prevents her being able to wrestle properly and ruins the match. Lita actually gets a bit creative around it, getting cheered for not looking like a doofus, and slaps on a cross armbreaker. Eddie Guerrero strolls out to take a look, making his last PPV appearance until SummerSlam 2002. He’d come back brighter. This is also Chyna’s last PPV appearance. She wouldn’t come back. The WWF created a monster with her. With Eddie they saved him from becoming one. Lita tries for the Twist of Fate but Chyna powers out and hits a powerbomb to retain. They’d have been better off switching the belt here but my guess is the WWF figured Chyna’s wage demands would come down once she’d stopped to think about it. They didn’t. The match is weird because Chyna’s wardrobe issues overwhelmed proceedings and stopped them telling a story. Despite this Lita tried her hardest to get over the differences between them.
Final Rating: ½*


Backstage: Kurt Angle promises a ceremonial gold medal winning re-enactment on RAW tomorrow before stopping off to thank Edge & Christian. Edge is pleased that they don’t have to listen to Kurt bitch about his medals anymore.


Elsewhere: Vince McMahon demands solidarity from the Two Man Powertrip. Everyone seems to be on the same page.

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