Judgment Day 2001

Chain Match
WWF Intercontinental Championship
Triple H (c) vs. Kane
I like that Hunter tried to elevate the IC Title by having himself as champion, after he’d been the WWF Champion, but it should have been to elevate midcarders (like he did with Jeff Hardy just before this), not working against Kane, who’d already been WWF Champion and was already well established. Plus this feud was pretty dull. Hunter is at his level best when someone is beating him up and Kane can’t do that here because he’s only got one arm. Hunter, ever the cerebral assassin, makes sure the chain is attached to Kane’s bad arm so he can drag him around. The biggest issue with Hunter getting backstage sway was that his matches changed and he became significantly more dominant in them as he felt the need to remain strong as a heel. He became obsessed with it. The fact remains that heels are better when they do their job, which is to make the faces look good. I thought Hunter understood as his 2000 schedule featured him doing just that against all and sundry. Also his hero Ric Flair was never, ever, booked strong and he’s one of the greatest heels in wrestling history. Kane drags Hunter into a chair and ‘the Game’ sneaks in a bladejob. Hunter seemed to think that bleeding equated to workrate for a while, again rather missing the point of Ric Flair’s constant bleeding during the 80s in the NWA. The match is ugly. Eventually Hunter lines up a Pedigree but Kane powers out and goes low. The rest of the match is both guys punching each other, sometimes with the chain. It’s emotionally lacking and creatively void. Chokeslam brings out Steve Austin for support. Kane boots him down and throws him out of the ring. He comes back with a chair but miscues and hits Hunter, with Kane almost botching the spot by not moving. Kane then drops on Hunter to win the IC Title in a bizarre booking decision. The only good thing about the title switch is that Kane would lose the belt to Albert, on June 28th, thus creating Albert Day. A traditional day of wonderment and heavy drinking. Also a cult that I lead called the Sons of Albert. If Triple H went over here, none of that would have happened.
Final Rating:


Backstage: Chris Jericho tells Coach he’s going to be Y2J’s tag team partner before pointing out he has a real partner. He calls his tag team partner a “real party animal”.


Elsewhere: Triple H bitches about Vince McMahon not backing him up and losing the IC Title. Hunter would lose more the next night when the tag titles went and his quad followed suit. Had he not gotten injured I presume he’d have feuded with Austin during the summer months and Angle wouldn’t have gotten his big title push.

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